Ripping of Patriarchy

Ripping of Patriarchy, 2016

11inches x 16 inches

Acrylic on paper

An affair once enslaved Returns Returns heavily in rage Ironically truth is a victim another paradoxical attack of the senses alas, I am left Torn, once again bleeding in the bath of my own blood love cannot be denied a dead passion now reborn the hunger the thirst... Temptation arises She summons ...she resurrects She is awakened the dungeons in Eden failed mortality and men tried her for centuries condemned violated raped Her existence chained She was cursed burnt caste away thrown into exile ...succubus emerges the erectile slither of embrace comforting...tantalising...passionately disturbing She has bitten The Dragonness now unlocked a chase no more than a fruit of darkness... ...hiss... ||

(c)Reshma Valliappan, 9th June 2011.

Run with me says he, the red one.

#darkpoetry #patriarchy

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